Marc Harrold is the Libertarian Party nominee for the United States House of Representatives for the 11th District of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As a former police officer, US Department of Homeland Security prosecutor and law professor, and current Immigration Attorney and small business owner Marc is ready to make the case for real Libertarian Solutions to as the prescription for what ails America: Ever-Expanding Government

The American federal government has become too big to succeed:  To succeed at providing the basic services and protections set forth in the United States Constitution.

America’s current path of debt, deficit spending, two-party duopoly, special interests and crony capitalism is unsustainable. We must reform both military spending and entitlements.  We must be vigilant in defending our civil rights.

Marc pledges to serve no more than TWO terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Marc will report the reasoning behind every vote cast to his constituents via social media (Twitter, Facebook, webpage, etc.). Marc will not take any part in a CODEL (Congressional Delegation) for unneeded travel at taxpayer expense unless it is of DIRECT benefit to the People of the Virginia 11th. Any CODEL or foreign travel will be explained via social media to constituents as CODEL’s are usually little more than tax-paid-for junkets.